Photo Gallery

thermal imaging camera showing wet materials

Heat Mapping

We have a few different instruments to tell how much and how saturated materials are in your home. The coolest, by far, is the thermal imaging camera. Wet spots will read at a cooler temperature than the same surrounding materials.

kitchen with open walls ready for reconstruction

Ready for Reconstruction

Why choose SERVPRO? Because after the water is all dried up or the soot is all cleaned away – someone has to put your property back together. Let us help with that too, we have a specialized reconstruction team to rebuild it all.

equipment placed to dry out hardwood floors

We Have The Technology

If you’re lucky enough to have a real hardwood floor, you probably want to keep it around. What if it gets soaked with water? That’s where our drying mats come into play. Specially designed to dry out and save hardwood floors, this is the first step we’ll try to save those beautiful planks.

fan pointed under counter where dishwasher used to be

Dishwashers can be a pain

Dishwashers leak all the time. If you catch it quick, sometimes all we need is a fan, a dehumidifier and some time. No matter your restoration needs, SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties has you covered.

hole in wall cut by water pressure spray

Water Pressure Woes

Water pressure is a powerful thing. A leak sprang at the back of this toilet with such a strong spray that it cut a hole through the drywall behind it.

toilet with giant crack down the side

We've Seen It All

Now that’s what we call a catastrophic toilet failure. Normally we don’t see toilets break this badly, but it happens. No matter the cause of the water – SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties can make your disaster seem like “it never even happened.”

technician sucks up water from concrete warehouse floor

Wind Damage & Warehouses

Severe weather events impact an entire community, including the businesses in the area. Here you can see one of our skilled technicians removing standing water in a local Warrenton warehouse after high winds caused minor structure damage.

muddy worker standing in crawl space hatch

That's a messy situation

When you think storms, you probably don’t think about the water getting under your house. But all that water must go somewhere - and during storm events, local water runoff systems can become overwhelmed and start filling up places it shouldn’t. Good thing “too dirty” isn’t in SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties’ vocabulary.

specialized equipment used to remove blown-in insulation

Storms Can Affect Roofs & Insulation

Storms have the potential to do some serious damage to your roof. Which also means the insulation in your attic could be affected and need replacing. This specialized vacuum is used to suck out blown-in insulation that has become wet or moldy.

tarp and sandbags covering a damaged roof

Need a Tarp-up? We've got you "covered".

No one likes a roof leak – especially one caused by high winds, which is what happened at this Astoria home. Here you can see sandbags holding a temporary tarp down before roofers come to fix the problem later that same day.

laundry room after a lint fire

Look What Lint Can Do

This picture is every reason you should ever need to have your dryer vents cleaned out regularly. Too much lint buildup could start a fire, as it did in this Vernonia home. SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties can help you with either situation.

fire torn garage with lots of burned contents and car

Fire + Garage = Big Cleanup

Fires are devastating. This picture really illustrates that (including dramatic lighting). Everything in this garage, including the car, ended up being non-salvageable – meaning the cost to clean or repair the item was above the cost to replace it.

SERVPRO extractor sitting on the floor of a warehouse

Water in the Warehouse

Warehouses have water problems too. Our extractors can get the job done on carpet or concrete, meaning we get the excess water up faster and begin the drying process sooner.

kids drawing thanking servpro for the help

You're Very Welcome!

Thanks kid – we tried our best to be quick and courteous. This was drawn by the child of a customer who was so impressed with our help, they left their own version of a review. We’ll take it!

four servpro vans parked outside a strip mall

SERVPRO to the rescue!

When disaster strikes and you need lots of help fast, SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties has you covered. Here is a shot of the whole team responding to a commercial water loss where a hot water heater line broke and flooded the entire store.

tip jar filled with gross water

Tips Please!

At first glance, this looks like any tip jar that can be found at your local pizza joint. Upon closer inspection, you will see that it is filled with gross water! The fire suppression system sprung a leak and sprayed stagnant water all over the front counter. The restaurant called us and we had them dried, cleaned up, and re-opened for business within the week.

SERVPRO fans sitting on a shelf

You need it? We've got it!

From dehumidifiers to fans, we've got all the equipment needed to successfully get a job done well. We are open 24/7 to ensure that the troubles are done in a flash! 

black mold in corner of ceiling

Black mold?! Gross!

If you see signs of mold appearing around your house or business, give us a call today and we can help guide you through the remediation process and get the moldy areas looking "Like it never even happened."

plastic containment chambers set up in house

How do we dry out a space quickly?

Ever wonder how we dry large areas out so quickly? Well the answer might be simpler than you thought. We make the area smaller! By setting up plastic containment chambers, we are able to create smaller spaces around the direct impact areas which allows our drying equipment to run more efficiently.

clean dishes after ultra sonic cleaning

Stuff covered in soot from a fire? No problem!

Here is a load of clean dishes after being put through our specialized ultra sonic cleaner. This specialty equipment uses sound waves to clean every inch of fire-affected items so we can get your home or business looking "Like it never even happened," after a disaster strikes.

ford van wrapped in SERVPRO logo

Our SERVPRO Mega Van

Freshly wrapped and ready to handle any job! 

If you have experienced a fire, mold or water damage in Clatsop or Columbia counties and need an expert to come repair or restore your property - give us a call today!